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Aerospace Parts Meeting Requirements

Del Aerospace Inc.'s customers love our quality-laden aircraft parts and fittings. From military aircraft to commercial aircraft, our small company can deliver any part in a short amount of time and provide one-on-one service. We also have the ability to maintain and calibrate products on-site, and we can maintain a large inventory for quick shipping of your order. Contact us today to soar faster, higher, and more smoothly into the clouds!

Aircraft Parts & Fittings Include:

Flow Restrictors

Conical Seals

  • For Aerospace Launch Vehicles
  • Controls Gas or Fluid Flow
  • Aircraft Operating Systems
  • Rocket Operating Systems
  • Fit on Fitting Nose
  • Seal Nut to Fitting
  • Metallic with 37-Degree Angle

Burst Diaphragm Safety Device

  • For Aerospace Launch Vehicles
  • Bursts at Pre-Determined Pressure
  • Releases Excess Pressure
  • Protects Vehicle from Being Destroyed

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